POS-on-the-Go is a Mobile Point of Sales & Inventory Management Solution for Retailers

There is 2 parts to our solution.

Retail and department stores are now managed with a single mobile device

The first part of our solution makes use of our unique handheld device (pictured above) which is used to capture customer sales. This device scans barcodes and prints receipts for customers. It is an all in one device so no external equipment is needed. It connects to the cloud and syncs with our web-based inventory management system to update the sales and the inventory of the company.

How mobile point of sales (POS) devices would appear on mobile and on computers

The second part is a a web-based inventory management system that allows business owners to keep track of their sales. It also allows business managers to keep track of inventory going in and out of the company. Since the system is web-based, it can be accessed on any laptop or mobile device that has a web browser. The site is intuitive, simple and user friendly. It also comes with an integrated stock take function.

Why Choose Us?

POS system is easily the best device in the market which is easy to use and comprehensive

Save on Hidden Costs

Existing POS systems are expensive and are made more unaffordable due to the hidden costs of its accessories such as external receipt printers and barcode scanners. With POS-on-the-Go, what you see is what you get. The handheld device comes with an integrated barcode scanner, thermal printer and an intuitive LCD touchscreen with no additional hardware costs.

Save on Retail Space

As retail space is costly, it should be used wisely. Existing POS systems occupy a lot of valuable space. Space which could be better utilised by displaying more of your retail products or advertising information. Transform your big and bulky traditional POS into something portable and simultaneously utilise the extra space to grow your business instead.

the best and top POS system in Singapore does not take up your retail space.
With the help of POS, retail assistants are more efficient in Singapore

Your Cashier could be an Additional Sales Staff

With POS-on-the-Go, cashiers can now be mobile and concurrently function as retail assistants. They no longer have to stand behind their designated cash registers but instead be used as additional staff to boost your sales.

Connect & Manage Your Business Anytime. Anywhere.

POS-on-the-Go connects your business to the cloud. This means you can retrieve almost REAL-TIME sales information, print reports and effectively monitor your inventory with our simple web-based Inventory Management System. Managing your business is now all in your HANDS! Don’t worry, all your information is encrypted and secure and only YOU will have access to it.

With cloud storage available, management of retail and department store businesses in Singapore are now made mobile.


Mobile Point-Of-Sale (POS) Device

Scans all types of barcodes

Prints customised receipts

Works both online & offline

Up to 5 days battery life

Sales data syncs to Cloud

Captures sales on the go

Integrated Stock Take

Inventory Management System

Inventory management

Easily generate reports

Delivery order/Stock requisition

Manage multiple outlets

Access sales on any mobile device

No software installation required


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point of sales made free from additional costs.

(Free) 1 Year Cloud Hosting

the best POS you can find in terms of affordability.

(Free) Inventory Management System

Retail management are free of extra costs with POS on the go.

(Free) New functions and software updates.

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