About Us

The formation of this company was one that was forged out of the need for a useful reliable Point of Sale and Inventory Management system for the market. One of the co-founders of our company has 30 years experience in the retail industry. He encountered many problems with various POS systems. Some providers had the right software but not the right hardware. Some had the right hardware but no feasible software to go along with it. He then partnered up with our current Chief Information Officer to develop a working prototype of POS on the Go.

They realised soon enough the need for mobility in the current technology intensive business space that we are in.

How do we give people the best user experience without making the system complicated to use?

How do we solve all their inventory management and sales problems without them spending a fortune?

How do we solve more problems with less time on the computer?

Those were the golden questions being addressed and POS on the Go was created.

It took almost a year and a half of development with intensive testing to come up with the product that we have now. All the functions that have been created are useful functions that the retail industry needs. With the combination of expertise from both the co-founders they managed to pull together a user friendly, useful and relevant system for the retail industry. And yes both of them are Singaporean. This is a 100% Singaporean product.

Do support us as we try to make Inventory Management, Sales Tracking and Customer Relationship Management as seamless and easy for you. Ultimately, Information Technology(IT) is meant to support your business and not hinder it. People set up companies to make profits and that his heavily tied to sales.

So we figured why dont you handle your sales and we will handle the support.

Sounds like a good deal?

Contact us and soon you will realise we will be your choice for a POS solution.

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